NBC sitcom 'The Good Place' to end after fourth season creator Michael Schur announced

NBC sitcom ‘The Good Place’ to end after fourth season creator Michael Schur announced

NBC’s “The Good Place” – a sitcom that delightfully balances heady topics l…
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Big Little Lies takes women seriously. Why are dramas like this so rare?

I love it when film stars – proper film stars – are on TV shows. Not in fun cameos (they’re a…
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Pay attention: TVNZ has a new panel show

Following in the steps of A Game of Two Halves and 7 Days, TVNZ 2 is launching a new topical panel show. Hayley Sproull will host the weekly quiz show with a good dose of humour, Have You Been Paying Attention? Regulars will be 7 Days’ regular Urzila Carlson and ZM’s funny man Vaughan Smith who will be joined by a revolving panel of comedians. Carlson has been doing the Australian version of HYBPA for three years as a rotating contestant and is pumped at having landed the weekly slot as a regular. “People better strap in because it’s the best time of their lives — every Wednesday,” says Carlson. Smith says he can’t wait to take on Carlson and her team … once he finds his winning streak. “I don’t really get involved in competitive stuff unless I know I can win,” he told Spy. “I don’t play sports. People say, ‘as long as you’re having fun’, but you’re not really having fun if you’re losing — who’s having fun when they’re losing? “So, I haven’t played sports for ages because of that, my problem with losing. So yes, I would say I’m competitive.” Sproull, co-host of TVNZ 2s The Great Kiwi Bake Off, will enjoy her solo hosting gig once she has wrangled the talent. “I generally operate at a pretty rapid pace, so to host this fast-paced, wild ride of a show is a perfect fit and I can’t wait. Urzila and Vaughan are going to be two very hilarious, naughty rascals to contain, but I think I can handle them.” Carlson seems to be ahead by a nose when it comes to consuming news for the show. “I pay for the Herald and for an Australian newspaper and I watch the news every night. I’m one of those people – you know when you’re little, you either grow up in a house where no one watches the news, or these three words will change your night ‘news is on’. That means shut your mouth, we’re going to watch the news. I grew up in that house and now my kids are growing up in that house.” The show will screen this year and will be filmed in front of a live audience.
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