Novak Djokovic's visa cancelled – Can he appeal? Will he be banned from Australian Open …

Novak Djokovic’s visa cancelled – Can he appeal? Will he be banned from Australian Open …

France’s sports minister has already suggested Djokovic will be free to compete at the French Open in May, regardless of his vaccination status.
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Mohamed Salah: Jamie Carragher says Liverpool owners would never be forgiven if ‘club legend’ left

Jamie Carragher has warned Liverpool’s owners they will never be forgiven if they allow club lege…
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Adult actor Lisa Ann confirms she has had sex with many sports stars | Marca

A n interview with the famous adult actor Lisa Ann has emerged and in it the 49-year-old has talked about how many sports stars she has had sex with. Lisa Ann began dating and interacting with sports stars in the 1990s, when there was less social media focusing on what sporting stars were doing with their spare time. “My personal relationship with athletes started very young, in the early 90’s athletes could enter strip clubs,” Lisa Ann detailed in an interview with GQ from 2015. “I saw everything change when Mike Tyson went to jail, when that happened everything went underground, I think that was the beginning of PR guys and agents reaching out to girls for their clients. “Doing these insanely private interactions in which some girls would sign a waiver each time to make sure they can never sue or mention any of it.” When pressed on how her own relationships with sporting stars progressed, Lisa Ann detailed how she met and interacted with them, as well as her rules. “They were never serious relationships, but it must have been many… hundreds,” she added. “I didn’t want anything serious with anyone whilst I was filming and not with a professional athlete because they should be focusing on other things. “I liked veterans if they had stayed on a good path, but with younger people the first time is usually short because they are very excited, also don’t be with multiple guys on a single team at the same time.”
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