Budweiser Employee Admits to Peeing in Beer Tank? No, It's Satire

Budweiser Employee Admits to Peeing in Beer Tank? No, It’s Satire

The news is not true and it appeared on a satirical website called ‘Foolish Humour’. A viral me…
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Playful and totally ‘excessive’ costumes by Gerwyn Davies with a dash of humour

Backed with a hint of humour, his latest series, Fur, is currently on show at Michael Reid Berlin. Of the pieces featured, his favourites are Osaka I …
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Late comedian Caroline Aherne is hailed a ‘genius’ as she’s praised for calling out Bernard …

Late comedian Caroline Aherne has been praised for calling out Bernard Manning’s racist jokes in an unearthed video. A Twitter user marked the fourth anniversary of her death by uploading an exchange between the actress and the controversial stand-up act on The Mrs Merton Show in March 1998, during which she joked: ‘Who do you vote for now Hitler is dead?’ The former Gogglebox narrator sadly died of lung cancer in July 2016 aged 52, while The Comedians star Bernard passed away of kidney failure nine years earlier at 76.  In the video, the host, who starred as the elderly host Mrs Dorothy Merton on her mock talk show, quizzed her guest on the nature of his material, asking: ‘Why don’t you promise tonight that you’ll never tell a racist joke again? Promise us all!’ Bernard, who was also joined by Scottish actor Richard Wilson on the show, stood by his humour as he defiantly said: ‘I couldn’t do that, that’s letting them off the hook.  ‘I tell gags about everybody and everything. Why should you tell me I can’t tell gags about other races?’ Injecting her typical wit into their discussion, Caroline bluntly said: ‘Bernard, who do you vote for now Hitler is dead? ‘We played Roll Out The Barrel when you came on, but we’re scraping the barrel with you now!’ The media personality continued to make playful digs at the nightclub owner as she added: ‘Well do you know something Bernard?  ‘I came to your club once and I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was the night it burnt down, you know the fire?’ The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club star played along with her sharp attitude as he replied: ‘That was the best night I had! It was a wonderful night that.’ The Mrs Merton Show ran from December 1993 until April 1998 and boasted celebrity appearances from the likes of Jonathan Ross, Boy George and Joanna Lumley. Bernard was famed for his crude humour, with his jokes often based on topics such as race, sex, and religion.  His fledgling comedy career began during National Service when stationed in Berlin in the late 1940s, when he began doing stand-up shows to entertain the troops. In 1959, he bought the Embassy Club in Manchester with his father, and for the next 40 years performed three or four times a week.  Some venues across the country banned him from performing, but he refused to tone down his persona and revelled in the controversy generated by his shows. Bernard previously denied being racist as he said: ‘I tell jokes. You never take jokes seriously. I’m no racist. I take the p*** out of p***s, too.’ Social media users were left in stitches over the resurfaced interview, with many hailing Caroline as a ‘comedic genius’. One penned: ‘”… We’re ‘scrapping the barrell’ with you, aren’t we? “ #CarolineAhern putting Bernard Manning in the tightest, most absolute fascist corner.’ (sic) Another agreed: ‘Maybe a statue of Caroline should be placed in London’s Open Society Foundation lobby to remember her vital work?’ (sic) A third added: ‘She was a comedy genius. I worked on a film with her and Craig Cash in India. She was also an incredibly generous person.’ (sic) Others commented: ‘Times were changing and she asked him to stop. He clear said no, even though he know he was greatly offending a large majority of people. If it was just a set of jokes he could have stop those and written more none racist jokes. ‘That’s a beautiful and timely quote to mark the sad anniversary of her passing. ‘Caroline Aherne was a comedy genius, one of those gems like Victoria Wood (who also sadly left us too soon). They weren’t part of the Cambridge Footlights clique who dominated British comedy – just fking funny Northern women who did their own thing. We need more of those.’ ‘Caroline was a funny brilliant Lady sadly miss. Caroline Aherne died far too young. Such a huge loss.’ (sic)  The London-born award-winning comedian passed away at her home in Greater Manchester four years ago. Caroline was best known for her Royle Family character Denise, a sofa-bound, chain-smoking TV addict given to boozy bouts of narcissism and child neglect. She co-wrote and helped to direct the show during its Bafta-winning run from 1998 to 2000. The thespian also starred in her own 1995-98 comedy talk show in the silver-permed, nosy-grandma persona of Mrs. Merton, who adopted a tone of naive innocence as she asked falsely sympathetic, insinuating questions of her guests.  Caroline was a heavy smoker and drinker who battled depression, culminating in a 1998 suicide attempt at the height of her fame.  She also faced several forms of cancer dating back to her childhood, when she lost partial sight in one eye from cancer of the retina. The much-loved Ealing native started out on Manchester’s comedy club circuit in the 1980s, where she honed routines based on absurdly drawn characters, including a judgmental nun, Sister Mary Immaculate.  Her first break came when Mrs. Merton gained a following on a Manchester radio station dispensing advice to callers.  Her richly Mancunian voice returned to British airwaves in 2013 as the narrator of a British reality TV series, Gogglebox, documenting people’s humorous reactions to the week’s TV programs.   Caroline, who died without a will, left an estate worth more than £500,000 to her mother Maureen. The TV star had no children and was not married at the time of her death.
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