Community Connect Southern Shoalhaven's 'We were Better Together' function

Community Connect Southern Shoalhaven’s ‘We were Better Together’ function

Her talk included a bit of humour and a lot of meaningful points of discussions. Your digital subsc…
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Watch: Sara Ali Khan tackles ‘atrangi ilzaams’ on Riteish Deshmukh’s ‘Case Toh Banta Hai’

Amazon miniTV continues to spread the perfect dose of entertainment and comedy in ‘Case Toh Banta H…
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This Viral Video About A Mom’s Reaction To Super Foods & Health Fads Is Every Indian Mom Ever

What do late-night parties and super foods have in common? You are allowed neither. Context: You live in a desi family.  You might succumb to social media pressure and finally get your hands on some nutrient-dense food. But there’s your mom, with her arms crossed, questioning you if the food she makes ain’t super?    Content creator @AiyyoShraddha posted a video that will strike a chord with every desi who touts broccoli sprouts and salmon as perfect superfoods only to get a menacing stare from the desi moms. It showed up again on my TL, so gotta share her superb work! She’s brilliant! 🙌🏽😂❤️ PS: I shud hv earlier wonly… 🙈 जबरदस्त.कितनी सुबह..अहा😂😂😂 How many mornings you have in one day? Before quitting sugar you have quit common sense 🤣 keep it in the fridge and forget it 🤣 “For best results keep it in the fridge and forget it” 😂😂😭😭😂😂 This is a Block-Buster-Super-Triple-Heroine-Role real Mega-Comedy by Super-Mam!! ‘Coconut-Out-Of-Stock’??🤣🤣 Sullu-Poraki!!🤣🤣 “Yaappal Sider Vinegar”!!🤣🤣 Brilliant-Brilliant-Talented-Stuff!! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️ 🤣🤣 Most of us quit our common sense with all the super food, super smoothie magic pill nonsense!! @abdeshmukh @sachinkarmalkar @patilvishwasg She is really too good …. Simple but a great humour …… no melodrama but feel good laughter! @AiyyoShraddha strikes again! You’ve quit common sense before quitting sugar 🤣😂
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