Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley hits back at cruel troll who said she had "big fat legs"

Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley hits back at cruel troll who said she had “big fat legs”

The former Coronation street actress saw the funny side to things as she hit back at the man with some hilarious comments Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley has slammed a cruel truel who targeted her looks online. The actress had a sassy response to the troll, who said she had ‘big fat legs.’ Taking to her instagram to address the comments, Catherine admitted that although it's seldom she is targeted by hate online, it still affects her: “Now it's not often your Auntie Cath gets trolled, I'm very lucky like that, I've got lots of wonderful, positive people in my life. You do get the occasional twonk.” “So to the guy yesterday… bless ya, who said I had big fat legs, babes, I've been training these legs for seven years, this s**t don't wobble. “And I guarantee I could dead-lift or squat your entire bodyweight, my love, so things just got really awkward, really fast, didn't they? God bless you, darling, find a life, come on.” This isn't the first time the Strictly Come Dancing star has been targeted online, just last month, it was her weight that was the focus of trolls. After Catherine posted a stunning pic of herself, someone commented: Catherine was having none of it though, as she quipped back: “Do I tho? What a strange comment…” Fans rushed to the comment section to back the actress, as one clapped back at the troll with: “Rude.” However, that didn’t stop others from making mean comments as another troll wrote: “You have a man’s jaw.” Catherine added: “I'm proud of my jawline… it's strong… like me. Sending you love and healing. I hope you find inner peace with yourself. God bless.” Catherine recently revealed her husband and son have tested positive for coronavirus antibodies. It's not her first brush with the virus, as back in April she made the admission that both her parents had Covid-19. During a live interview with Lorraine Kelly, she said it had been “so worrying” seeing them so unwell. She said although her dad Graham even needed hospital treatment, they both thankfully turned a corner. Catherine said: “This is week three now of them having the virus and it's been a bit of a slog. “Every time we think they're getting better, they seem to go backwards, but I do feel 100 per cent they've started to turn a corner now. “Last week my dad got taken to hospital and they said his observations were OK so they sent him home. “The nurse said, 'You're going to be much better off at home. We don't feel you're in direct danger at the moment'. “My mum said to me she's never seen my dad so poorly and it's so worrying because all I want to do is give them a hug.”
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