Five questions we want answered on Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding's podcast – Who Magazine

Five questions we want answered on Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding’s podcast – Who Magazine

Fans were instantly obsessed, flooding her and Domenica with supportive comments and sharing their excitement about the podcast’s June launch. READ NEXT: The truth about Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer’s cheating scandal So what can we expect from the show? The pair are promising humour, honestly and a healthy dose of drama, but these are the five big questions we want answered on the Sit With Us podcast. There have been plenty of rumours that Ella and former MAFS co-star Brent Vitiello sparked a romance after filming wrapped, but we want the truth. If she and Dom plan to talk about “all things relationships”, we have a feeling Ella may address the rumours and honestly we can’t wait to hear what she says. Meanwhile Dom appears to be keeping a close friendship with her TV hubby Jack Millar, so could their romance reignite? Here’s hoping she spills the details on the podcast. WATCH ABOVE: Domenica in the middle of MAFS nude photo scandal Season nine was full of drama and scandal, but the cast have all given different versions of what really happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. Domenica and Ella were major players in some of the show’s biggest storylines this season and could provide some juicy details about how things actually went down, rather than how they were edited to look on TV. READ NEXT: MAFS fans threaten to leak Olivia Frazer’s racy OnlyFans photos We’re hoping for new insights into the glass smashing incident, Mitch Eynaud’s behaviour towards Ella and Domenica’s feud with Olivia Frazer. While MAFS aired we were treated to an inside look at how Domenica and Jack and Ella and Mitch tried to make their on-screen marriages work, but both couples split eventually. Now we want the girls to spill the beans on what they really think of the boys, from pet peeves like leaving the toilet seat up, to big things like withholding affection (looking at you, Mitch). Dom and Jack are still mates, so we expect more light-hearted stuff from her, but after the way Mitch ended things with Ella we can’t wait for her to tear into him on the podcast. She may even weigh in on the rumours he’s now dating fellow MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic… juicy! Domenica recently launched her collaboration with Showpo and Ella’s Instagram followers skyrocketed after their season aired, but are there downsides to the fame? The OnlyFans scandal earned Dom a heavy dose of backlash too and even Ella has critics online, so how do they manage their new lives in the spotlight? These are just a few of the burning questions we hope the MAFS alums answer about their new lives as influencers. WATCH ABOVE: MAFS’ Brent, Ella and Al party in Melbourne MAFS romances don’t always last, but can that be blamed on the contestants who sign up just for their 15 minutes of fame? Recently Daniel Holmes suggested not all of the season nine cast joined the show with the genuine hope of finding romance, and we’d love to hear what Domenica and Ella think of that particular tidbit. While both of them seemed to be athentically invested in the experience, others didn’t want to play by the rules (looking at you, Daniel and Carolina) and we want to know what their fellow MAFS alums really thought of that.
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