Hong Kong's accidental comedian Tyson Chak talks humour and his serious side

Hong Kong’s accidental comedian Tyson Chak talks humour and his serious side

Hong Kong comedian Tyson Chak Hoi-tai is best known for his chameleon roles in Microsex Office, a series of stage shows that later became a movie.
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Sideswipe: Corporate sense of humour

Paul Cosbrook, of Pukekohe, writes: “On Saturday about 5pm there was a driver who managed to get build-up behind him for most of the journey heading to Clevedon. Enter uncontrolled frustration, thanks again. A Black BMW vented his anger by passing. We were 3km from Clevedon on the longest straight and the BMW passed two cars, four motorcycles and finally the Safari and boat. Conservative estimate of speed 180km/h-plus. Both drivers put others at risk but more so the nasty speedster because two motorcycles had to abort their passing manoeuvre. With tricks like this how are we to survive the holiday period?” “My new erotic novel “Love in the time of autocorrect” will be out soon,” tweets @TechnicallyRon. “Here is a sample… “He moved his hams up her legs, her volcano quid ditched in anticipation. He moved his lisp towards her. They kissed, it was a hard kiss, their tongs roamed like two sneakers in a hedge. “Are you READYSETGO?” he asked. “Yemen,” she replied. He took off his shirley temple, she removed her tory logo. Her maleficent breads exposed, he looked stunned as she moved house. Their bodies moved as onesies, sweets poured from everywhere.” ? Continued below. Related Content Sideswipe: Dec 21: A bad case of Starwarts Sideswipe: Dec 21: Paracetamol Overkill “I spend the year living my dull, ordinary, uneventful life,” writes Malcolm Bell, of Forrest Hill. “No particular achievements. No great milestones. I scrape by from pension day to pension day and the highlight of the year is a broken tooth and worry about the cost of getting it fixed. Then they arrive. The Christmas letters tucked inside the cards from friends and relatives. A series of family success stories. Academic achievement, qualifications, awards, scholarships, promotions, new jobs, bonuses, new houses, holiday homes, dishwashers, heat pumps, new cars, overseas holidays, cruise liners sailed, mountains climbed, tracks tramped. Success! Achievement! Advancement! Oh, and by the way, have a Merry Christmas – loser! Next year I’m going to write my own Christmas letter. It will record my knighthood and my Nobel Prize; my $1 million Lotto win and my doctorate from Harvard in Bovine Excreta Dissemination.” Got a Sideswipe? Send your pictures, links and anecdotes to Ana at ana.samways@nzherald.co.nz
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