In Sports Streaming Milestone, Sinclair's Bally Sports+ Sets Nationwide Launch Date

In Sports Streaming Milestone, Sinclair’s Bally Sports+ Sets Nationwide Launch Date

Capping a challenging multi-year development process, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s regional spo…
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Fantasy Football: Is It a Hobby or an Addiction? – Healthline

Last year, a record-setting 114.4 million people watched the Super Bowl, making it the most viewed…
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Ryan Giggs ‘told ex “I’ll stalk you like mad – and I’m good at that” before turning up at her …

RYAN Giggs told his ex “I’ll stalk you like mad – I’m good at that” before turning up at her home after they split up, a court heard today. In a series of emails to his former girlfriend Kate Greville read out at a hearing, the former Manchester United star allegedly threatened to go to her house while warning “I will get in”. The court heard how Ms Greville had blocked Giggs from messaging her on WhatsApp and so he tried to contact her via email. In messages read out at the hearing, Giggs urged Ms Greville to call him, saying: “I’ve never ever been close to loving anyone else like I love you.” It’s alleged he then warned her he would stalk her if she didn’t do what he wanted. Further messages read out said: “I mean it, now stop being a baby and call me please. Otherwise I will stalk you like mad, and you know how good I am at that. “And I will come to yours and I will get in! Or wait until you’re leaving anyway.” Giggs pointed out that the message saying he would “stalk like mad” ended with a smiling emoji. Peter Wright QC asked whether it meant turning up unannounced at her home and outside the gym. Giggs replied: “Yes.” Asked whether it was all in jest, he replied: “No.” Mr Wright said: “You would play with your emotions, wouldn’t you and if she didn’t do what you wanted, you would coerce her, wouldn’t you?” Giggs replied: “No.” Mr Wright added: “During this relationship, you sought to control her, didn’t you?” “No,” Giggs again said.  Mr Wright said: “And succeeded for some time didn’t you.” The defendant said: “No.” It’s alleged Giggs then turned up at Ms Greville’s home. Mr Wright said: “Turning up unannounced at her home, workplace and gym – do you accept you did that?” Giggs repeated: “Yes.” It comes after a court heard Giggs flirted with an “attractive” female sports presenter during a Christmas game of crazy golf. The former football player’s ex allegedly claimed he couldn’t keep his eyes off the mystery woman at a party in 2019. She and the ex sports star had been in London for his agent’s festive get-together, which included a mini-golf tournament, a trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and a nightclub visit. During the golf event, the former Wales boss was paired with a female sports presenter, whom he today described in court as “an attractive lady”. He claimed Kate later accused him of flirting with the host, though he denied the accusation. While in a Bavarian beer garden tent in Hyde Park, he claimed Kate told him: “You kept looking at her, I was watching you, you were definitely flirting.” Giggs, who yesterday confessed to being a “love cheat” who has never stayed faithful to a woman, told the jury: “I was slightly embarrassed we were arguing. I left on my own. “I walked to the club where we going next. It was a long walk.” He then accused his ex-partner of dancing and holding hands with a male sports presenter. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I said to my agent ‘I’m going’ and got a taxi and went back to the hotel.” He denied there was any confrontation in the club, but once Kate arrived back at the hotel an “hour or so” after Giggs, a row began over her contact with the man. She claims he threw a laptop at her head, kicked her out of bed and ejected her naked into the corridor at the Stafford Hotel. He says he chucked a Louis Vuitton holdall in the direction of the bed and tried to push Kate with it, but he claims the argument “quickly fizzled out” and they spent the night together. Asked if he did “anything physical towards her that night”, Giggs replied: “No, I did not.” “We were both quite drunk and fell asleep.” Jurors heard that the couple broke up for several weeks around Christmas that year, but reconciled and holidayed in Dubai in February 2020. Giggs described how the “nice holiday” was marred on the penultimate day, when – while “both quite drunk” – he called her by his ex-wife’s name. He said: “She [Kate] took it as a derogatory remark but I didn’t mean it like that – it was just a slip of the tongue.” Giggs flew home alone “devastated”, while Kate stayed with friends. Kate has claimed that during that argument, Giggs grabbed her bag and pulled it on her arm “really hard”, causing her to fall. The court earlier heard how Giggs is unable to resist an attractive woman – regardless of whether or not he’s in a relationship. And he admitted that he lied to former wife Stacey Giggs and other girlfriends “many times”. Moments after he began giving evidence, Chris Daw QC, defending, asked: “You’re known in news articles as a love cheat. Is that reputation justified?” Giggs – who confirmed he’s a “flirt by nature” – replied: “Yes.” The barrister said: “In the course of your relationship with women, have you managed to be faithful to any of them?” The footballer said: “No.” He was then asked if he’d ever “lied” to his ex wife and other partners, and replied: “I have, yes… many times.” The sportsman admitted even marriage wouldn’t stop him after he was asked: “If you’re attracted to a women regardless of your marital status, are you able to resist?” Giggs, 48, denies using controlling and coercive behaviour against Kate, 38, between August 2017 and November 2020, assaulting her, causing actual bodily harm, and the common assault of her younger sister Emma Greville, 26. The trial continues.
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