Lee Seung-gi's fans are furious with Hook Entertainment for referring to him as a “Minus singer”

Lee Seung-gi’s fans are furious with Hook Entertainment for referring to him as a “Minus singer”

Lee Seung-gi’s fans are furious with his former agency, Hook Entertainment, for mismanaging his money and calling him a “Minus singer.” For the unversed, Lee Seung-gi is one of the biggest Hallyu stars from South Korea. He is an actor, host, entertainer, and singer with hit songs like Will You Marry Me and The Ordinary Man. On November 21, the South Korean media outlet Dispatch revealed shocking reports about how Hook Entertainment’s CEO, Kwon Jin-young, allegedly gaslighted The Law Cafe actor into believing that he makes little to no money through his music and called him a “Minus singer,” which means a non-profit making entity. Lee Seung-gi’s fans are furious with Hook Entertainment and CEO Kwon Jin-young for allegedly gaslighting him for all these years, not paying him for his musical endeavors, and for calling him a “Minus singer.” A couple of days ago, on November 18, it was revealed that actor Lee Seung-gi had sought complete information on the accounts, sales of his albums and music-related work, and transparent disclosure of all-related payments, one week after Hook Entertainment was raided by federal agents from the National Police Agency’s Serious Crime Investigation Division. Hook Entertainment acknowledged that they have indeed received a certification of contents from the Mouse actor and are currently reviewing the terms thoroughly and will prepare a response accordingly. The raid opened a Pandora’s box as more of the agency’s suspicious activities have come into the limelight, the latest being an extensive exposé by the Korean media outlet Dispatch that the actor-singer has not been paid for his music-related activities, including royalties and profits from his songs and albums sales since 2004, which makes it 18 years now. The shocking exposé alleges that besides being called a “Minus singer,” Hook Entertainment never really recouped the investments they made in his singing career. The Vagabond star’s fans are furious with Hook Entertainment for their alleged criminal activities and embezzlement of funds and demand justice for the Era of Love singer, who has not received profits or royalties from his musical activities so far. Guitarist Lee Byeong-ho also revealed that he wasn’t paid for his collaboration on Lee Seung-gi’s sixth album, And…, and has now come out in support of the actor as well. He confessed that he felt hurt at not being paid for his work on the Vagabond star’s album but kept quiet out of love and respect for the actor. In January 2021, an employee of Hook Entertainment accidentally shared a record of Lee Seung-gi’s earnings in a text message to the actor. According to the accounts statements, Lee Seung-gi had made a profit of $25,100 or ₩33.6 million before taxes. Allegedly, the actor earned about $660,000 or ₩884 million from And…, which was released in 2015, when he was still under Hook Entertainment. Dispatch obtained a statement of accounts and settlements responsible for distributing the star’s music, which revealed that the Return singer earned about $7.16 million or ₩9.60 billion through his musical activities between 2006 and 2022. Dispatch also reported that Hook Entertainment’s reports of sales and revenue from 2004 to 2009 have been lost. The publication also reported that top executives at Hook Entertainment have allegedly disrespected the singer multiple times, claiming that they don’t have money to promote his music and avoided giving Lee Seung-gi a proper answer when he asked about his accounts in November 2022. On November 21, Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin-young issued an official statement regarding the alleged non-payment of dues to the actor. He said that he was ashamed and apologetic about what was being reported in the news, and revealed that they were looking into the matter thoroughly and requested fans’ and media’s understanding. He shared that they will not step back and take full responsibility for the situation, and will ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future. At the time of writing, Lee Seung-gi did not issue any statements regarding the matter.
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