Letters: It's crucial that we defend the rights of individuals | The Daily Advertiser

Letters: It’s crucial that we defend the rights of individuals | The Daily Advertiser

LETTERS: Truth and humour are on display in Pope’s cartoons As Australians stagger under the huge burden of the government’s COVID overreach, we must not let war in Europe be yet a further excuse for politicians and bureaucrats to expand their control of our lives and drive us into even more ludicrous amounts of debt. Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine is sending prices skyrocketing and hitting our financial markets, which will affect the super funds of ordinary Aussies. This comes on top of the massive increases in government spending, which were already fuelling inflation and piling up mountains of debt that threatens to crush us and our children. The winners in wartime are always the same, the political class and the financial interests of big corporates, while the average citizens feel the full brunt of decisions made well beyond their control. As the Riverina candidate for the Liberal Democrats, I am calling for governments to get off our backs by scrapping all the ridiculous COVID rules and making urgent across-the-board cuts to all government expenditure, except for defence. As a Liberal Democrat, I stand with our Diggers and for defending the welfare, rights and freedoms of the individual citizen first and foremost. Peter Bungay quite likes TheDaily Advertiser’s ‘Pope’s View’ cartoons (“Truth and humour on display”, February 26). Nay! More than that, they are “brilliant and succinct” he tells us. Oy gevalt! One can only shudder at what he might consider to be turgid and obscure: the likes of me, no doubt. It’s not that Pope offers no “meaning”; it’s that the effort to arrive at it is not worth the effort of getting there – like the outcomes of the COP26 summit, for instance. Personally, I empathise with Mr Bungay’s unfortunate fondness for Pope’s scrawls – I am plagued by unrelenting and virulent derision myself for once publicly saying I like the Fred Bassett strip. But it was a cruel fate that printed Mr Bungay’s letter below a typically banal cartoon by the artist that day. In it Vlad Putin, in a natty coat, opens (one gathers) the gates of hell while assorted ghouls and devils accompany a bloke I think might be Joe Biden as he toddles through the gates toting a suitcase. A demon asks President Biden if he has the “nuclear codes”. Joe’s reply is “You open the gates to ‘known’ unknowns. But there are also ‘unknown’ unknowns” (playing on a quote from Donald Rumsfeld). And that’s it! Joe is depicted with knees that bend backwards and cloven hooves so I’m guessing that he is Satan, Baphomet, or Pan. Just to make things a bit easier for slowpokes, “Biden” is moving towards a fallen Ukrainian flag amidst some rubble. I’m guessing it means that Putin has opened the gates of hell; but the real threat to civilisation is from the world’s strongest democracy (whose president is Lucifer in disguise), not communism. Mr Bungay describes this ragbag of cliched memes as “brilliant”. Nope. Not even compared to Fred Basset that day. HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you have something to get off your chest? Simply click here to send a letter to the editor. Get our Editor’s Daily and Weekly Wrap featuring the best local news and stories… as well as our Breaking News Alerts.
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