Mario Golf: Super Rush Wins DICE's Sports Game Of The Year Award – Nintendo Life

Mario Golf: Super Rush Wins DICE’s Sports Game Of The Year Award – Nintendo Life

Pokémon Unite wins mobile GOTY The DICE Awards 2022 has awarded Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch sports game of the year. While the game was arguably a tad underwhelming on release, Nintendo made sure to bolster it throughout the year with plenty of free updates – including both new characters and courses. The competition Nintendo’s title was up against at the DICE Awards included FIFA 22, NBA 2K22, Riders Republic and The Climb 2. Here’s the official tweet: In addition to this, the mobile (and Nintendo Switch) title Pokémon Unite has received mobile game of the year award. Other nominees included Behind the Frame, Fantasian, League of Legends: Wild Rift and Moncage. The game of the year, in the end, went to It Takes Two by Hazelight Studios – the same title also took out last year’s Game Awards GOTY. Did you play Mario Golf or Pokémon Unite? How about any of the other DICE Award winners? Leave a comment down below. When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat. I should go back to the game. I played for a few weeks after launch and moved on. Congrats for the hole in one Nintendo! Is the multiplayer still active? Not to say this is a bad game but it’s a far cry over the quality the series used to have. That’s sad. Oh well. Congrats Nintendo! @Yosher Yeah, basically. FIFA and NBA 2K are just MTX distribution platforms at this point. Rider’s Republic got decent reviews, but no one played it. Good to see unite is still doing well. Definitely meant for a phone though since aiming is endlessly better on it than on switch. I played pokemon unite and it was really fun before pay to win players always were in my games @judaspete did it sell so badly (I figured i would wait for the first sale to buy it, and that was within the month, so that might have been a hint).. Nice game though, although it’s predecessor Steep had more charm with mythical mountain stories… @Mario_is_a_Pratt In my experience the multiplayer is still active, but mostly only for button controls. If I choose motion controls I wait and wait for other randoms to be added to the room. But this is for ranked. In the regular online multiplayer (the multiplayer that’s been available since launch) I don’t know because I always choose ranked. I play it every week or two and still like it a lot. It’s so funny- I’ve still never even started the single player game mode. I’m sure I’ll like it, but I always just jump into online multiplayer. I mean it was a decent outing of Mario Golf once the DLC came, but I don’t think it was award winning quality. Still, fair play, well done. Because of its low MetaCritic score, I was going to skip this, but since it won an award at a big award show, as with Mario Tennnis Aces before it, it goes on the wish list! I nearly did a spit take, I thought the headline said ‘Game of the Year’, not ‘Sports Game of the Year’. Wow, it certainly won an award for me last year: Biggest Disappointment of 2021. Maybe they got the category confused. I’ve played a good deal of this game and have never once felt like I was experiencing game-of-the-year fun. It’s not bad, but I wish Nintendo wouldn’t receive this type of negative reinforcement, particularly with regard to the game being incomplete when it released. Sheesh. @120frames-please Same here. I only play motion controls, and I’m rarely matched against a human opponent. And yet there’s still that silly three-minute wait. @Pascalkw It’s a developer conference so it’s awarded from a development perspective rather than just a player/journalist. I think with the Speed Golf, Battle Golf, Cross Country Golf. Golf Boss Battles. They’ve done quite a lot of new ideas in Super Rush for a genre that’s rather stagnant. Wow I have no words for this. I mean it was an ok game but I wouldn’t call it GOTY and Halo Infinite is the most barebones online game I have ever played, in fact it was absolute dog BLEEP. @Burning_Spear I forgive Nintendo for releasing Mario Golf incomplete at launch. 1. Before launch they announced free DLC with extra courses (and coming soon). 2. Mario Golf feels like a good summer game (for those of us above the equator). 3. Sept-Dec already had a busy release schedule (WarioWare, Dread, SMT V, the new Mario Party, Big Brain, etc.). @Tandy255 I played Switch Sports demo, and it´s too weak game. The old Kinect Sports is better than Switch Sports. Wii Sports Resort is much better than this game. The gameplay is still too superfluous, no skill involved. Unfortunatly, cause i was too happy with this game. It´s not in my wish list anymore. “Family Game of the Year Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise Cozy Grove Mario Party Superstars Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – WINNER Warioware: Get it Together” I enjoyed this game, when it first came out the fiancée and I would play it all the time online, with her mom and sister. I still play it on occasion, though not nearly as much as I did last year. I’m convinced It takes two would not have won this if it hadn’t won actual Goty, people just realize it’s worth now. Also is Ratchet and Clank two player? It won family game but if it is co-op I didn’t know haha I thought it was really poor. I enjoyed playing through story mode, but it felt very quick and ended abruptly. I’ve then found very little reason to revisit. Golf games should be pick up and play fun, but this really, really wasn’t. It’s not a terrible game… but this award says a whole lot more about the competition than it does Mario Golf. @Tandy255 “Free DLC” is double-talk for, “We couldn’t finish the game on time but want the revenue now so pay us full now and we’ll deliver the rest later.” It’s the new way the gaming industry treats us like suckers. The real-world analogy: I went out for lunch yesterday, bought a cup of soup. They said they had no bread or crackers but they would send them today. @Burning_Spear For most games, I would agree. For Mario Golf, waiting for fall (when the final update was released), it would have been overshadowed by other releases. By announcing the DLC before launch, at least consumers could decide to buy it or wait for reviews of the DLC. It isn’t ideal, but I appreciate the open communication. 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