What's on TV: Sunday June 21

What’s on TV: Sunday June 21

The problem with reality competitions these days is too many people have been watching them for too long. As the housemates arrived for the first episode of the Big Brother reboot and worked their way through the first night’s game play, it felt as if the whole thing had been scripted, so thoroughly did everyone (including Big Brother) fall into the conventions of reality TV language. All the contestants were here to win. They all thought people would underestimate them – at their peril. Et cetera. Et cetera. Despite this new iteration departing significantly from the original Australian format, the fact is that it draws obviously on a bunch of other reality shows (It’s A Knockout, Survivor, I’m A Celebrity …), and the language of those shows has simply been transported wholesale into this one. The result is this often fails to perform its primary function, which is to give us a glimpse of real people behaving and reacting in real ways. On the upside, the casting has provided us with an engaging bunch of characters and, at its best, Big Brother 2020 displays a droll awareness of its own artificiality and a lively sense of humour.
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