When it's so funny it hurts

When it’s so funny it hurts

Just look at comedians such as Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Stephen Fry, Owen Wilson and Ellen DeGen…
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No laughing matter: Entering the world of work triggers a sense of humour failure that is not …

Entering the workforce can kill off your sense of humour — and the damage is not undone until wel…
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Professor praised for apologetic email rescheduling exam after getting shot, Covid-19 & divorce

Some people just can’t seem to catch a break. A professor’s email that was put up online, has won widespread sympathy and praise, after he apologised for having to reschedule his students’ examination and cancel a class. The reason? “Against my best wishes, I have been shot and am being treated in the ER,” wrote the professor. “I also have Covid, and the divorce is getting messy.” Yikes. “If I’m alive, the exam will be moved to Monday of next week,” said the professor who goes by the name of Patrick Wilson. Professor Wilson’s email was tweeted by one of his students and as of writing time, the tweet had gained over 70,000 retweets and more than 400,000 likes. Just received this rollercoaster of an email from one of my professors pic.twitter.com/6vGfiRNFI9— decent pigeon (@decentbirthday) October 12, 2020 However, there was no indication which college or university Prof Wilson hails from. The professor’s sense of humour proved to be quite a hit, especially considering that he had been shot: Is Professor Wilson British? Because I am getting some BIG British energy from, “Against my best wishes, I have been shot.”— Kyle Smith (@LoZCollector) October 12, 2020 Someone also commented that it was a bit “disturbing and a little depressing” that Professor Wilson had to think about work even though he was undergoing life-altering experiences. I know it’s his responsibility to send that message but damn it’s disturbing and a little depressing that he still has to think about him and his students’ work schedule while he’s being sent to the ER after being shot AND has COVID Dude needs a long break or something.— 🤖KholdKhreeper🤖 (Master’s Retrieval Arc) (@KholdKhaos63) October 12, 2020 Another Twitter user came to his defence, saying that “some teachers feel obligated to their students no matter their personal issues”. “It’s called loyalty, discipline, and drive,” he wrote. After Professor Wilson found out that his email had gone viral online, he followed up with another short missive assuring his students that neither his injury nor his Covid-19 symptoms were serious. His biting sense of humour also appeared to be intact because he ended off with this stinger: “The exam is still Monday….Unlike my wife, I expect you not to cheat. Good luck to all!” Update: he really doesn’t miss pic.twitter.com/UJqsHg2BN1— decent pigeon (@decentbirthday) October 12, 2020 Of course there’s a possibility that this entire thing is a hoax, but still, a very entertaining, roller-coaster ride of a hoax nonetheless. We deliver more stories to you on LinkedIn Top image via Twitter.
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